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4 Club Sites for Rotary

We are creating a community of Interactors, Rotaractors and Rotarians. The purpose is to provide free to low-cost digital tools and training for Interact and Rotaract clubs with the goal of spreading the word about the advantages of Rotary. Ultimately, we want to create a digital services company to provide modern, privacy centric, feature rich and easy to use tools for service organizations and non-profits at a fair price!

Who We Are​

A fully managed WordPress hosting company, with a toolset made for service clubs. Fast, secure web sites that make your club look great.

Did we mention that they are really easy to operate? We have full-service options too!

Also note that data privacy is baked into the platform. We’re not into selling data and we only partner with companies with the same standards.

WordPress Training

available now. We will offer education in HTML, CSS, PHP, Typescript and Vue.js in the near future

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